July 29, 2010

Dare to Wear

Today I went to MAC to look at the brand new "Dare to Wear" collection. I must say that C-shock can eat its heart out. I love the fact that most of the eyeshadows which are featured in this collection are bright matte colors. There have just been too many times when I'm creating a look with greens or blues and only wished that I could have more matte colors to blend into the crease. While the Color-Pop collection satisfied my desire for matte blue shadows, there was still a gap in my collection with green.

The lip glosses which came out with this collection are also kickin'. They are hands down better than Dazzleglass as the payoff is so much better and can be sheered down if needed. Unfortunately I've had way too much glitter overload. Thanks MAC for releasing so many glittery lip products at once. The best colors from this collection are: Ban This! (deep violet), Bold and Brash (raspberry red), and Gimmie That (fuchsia).

All in all, I only got Sassy Grass (emerald green) from this collection. :)


  1. i was looking at ban this & bold and brash! i want ban this for the fall!

  2. I can't wait to see your FOTDs using these. :)


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