February 10, 2011

Collection Remix: Style Black

So this was actually a bit of a surprise for me. I thought I was going to redo a different collection until I stumbled upon something that I have been dying to get for quite some time: a nice black lipgloss. *drool* MUFE, I love you so much right now.


Play it up
I definitely think that the one thing that this collection really hit on was harmonizing textures. There were many black products (duh) with different textures: Glitter (Cinderfella), Gloss (Blackware), Matte (Midnight Media), Cream (Black CCB, Black Knight). I played up texture variation on the face with mainly matte and satin shadows and then glossy lips.

Play it down
I played down the punk color variation that was in the collection. I absolutely loved it, don't get me wrong. I just felt it would be too much in one look.

Stay the Same
I opted for the lip theme of the collection; dark lips, neutral face.

Make a Change
One thing I did not like about Style Black is the sheerness of the colors. I want high impact and I feel that color intensity was sacrificed just to make the products more marketable. I want in your face black.



Look inspired by:
and this:

Smashbox Photo Finish primer, Conealers, Foundations, Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun, Ripe Peach Blush Ombre

UDPP, NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk, Concealer, UD Cream Shadow Suburbia, Bamboo, Bisque, Show Stopper, Saddle, Flip, Manila Paper, Sephora Liquid Eyeliner in Black, Falsies

Estee Lauder Black Pencil Liner, Black Radience Onyx lipstick, MUFE Metal Lab Gloss M00


  1. I'm not sure where you're from, but I was wondering do you feel and extra freedom in the Bayarea to express yourself??

    When I went to college here in the bay. I did all types of expressive things with my hair, nails and I was in love with gray lips! Mac had a color called Carbon that I LOVED. I got piercings and everything. And it was not a big deal.

    I love the black lips by the way and I'm a new follower.

  2. Thanks for following! It's always cool to hear from people who either follow or visit. I especially love to hear about people who love to experiment. :D

    I'm actually from the Seattle area and lived in the Portland area for a bit. I've been dressing this way since I was in junior high (not on a regular basis though, and even now I don't wear makeup very often). In high school there were even faculty members who dress like I did or very similar. Because Portland and Seattle are really 'live and let live', I don't feel any extra freedom of self-expression that is specific to the Bay Area.

    To be honest, if anything I feel a little more restricted because of street harassment. It did exist back home, but it isn't something that I experienced on a regular basis. Here it happens when I don't wear makeup and when I'm not dressed up, but it can get that much worse when I do.

  3. Wow! really!!! That's so surprising! Is it more of a snob thing with the no makeup/dress?? Berkeley is pretty open I thought. Please elaborate.

    I've heard about the freedom in Portland and Seattle. I figured I would fit right in if I moved there. I'm cracking up at the teachers expressing themselves too!! LOL! I was just curious, because sometimes people from the South say it's fast here.

  4. I guess I don't understand when you say "more of a snob thing". Generally, I've stopped talking about this topic because it's really frustrating and I realize that I become more agitated the more I dwell on it.

    The PNW is a chill place, but I'm a little biased. In the end, it depends on what else you're looking for in a location. Sometimes places are fun to visit, but you might end up deciding that you wouldn't want to live there.

  5. Okay I can understand that! Some things are too frustrating to re-hash! Believe me I KNOW!! LOL!

    I meant snob in the sense that some people here look down on others. Then there are the extremely ghetto folks who harass because they are haters and are ignorant, and people don't like to speak on it but instead of overt in you face there is covert racism here... So I know there are plenty of things WRONG with the bay but when I went to college I was in a cocoon of expressiveness!

    Keep your head up girly and keep doing you!


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