November 6, 2010

You say potato I say yam... let's call the whole thing off

It's not quite the same as potato /pʰoteɪto/ vs potato /pʰotato/, but the question of sweet potato /swit pʰəteɪto/ vs yam /jæm/ has been one that I've finally admitted I will never resolve. For instance, you have sweet potato pie, sweet potato fries, and candied yams which all come from the same vegetable.


Regardless of the naming issue, I have to admit that this little starchy treat is one of my favorite fall indulgences. It's good in the skin, fried, or in syrup. Just today I decided to use it in a recipe that I had picked up from a friend and modified. The great thing about this dish is that there are many layers of flavor which will only get better with time.



1 medium box of vegetable broth
1 medium can of tomatoes
1/4 of a medium onion (or more if you like)
4 cloves of garlic
1 can of beans (I used white kidney this time, black last time, and my friend used kidney and navy)
1 bunch of kale or spinach (I prefer the texture of kale)
1 or 2 medium yams (or potatoes if you prefer)
1 lemon wedge to garnish
1/4 teaspoon of pimienton (It's a paprika blend that comes in either sweet or spicy)

I also decided to add in sausage and smoked pepper jack, but they're not needed. I generally don't cook with salt because so much food at the store comes with too much salt as it is. If I feel something needs salt, I only add it right before eating, but not while cooking.

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