June 12, 2016

Breathing New Life into this Blog

Like the un-dead this blog just keeps coming back!

I decided that I would use the blog not only for information about my affinity for makeup, but also share the process of planning my wedding. Whether you know it or not, I love to sew (for example I recently made some night gowns, tunics, and dresses). When I started going through various bridal magazines, I noticed an excess of illusion mesh.

Exhibit A: Google Image Search result for the alleged "illusion mesh"

While it is the case that this fabric will only be beneficial for some fairer-skinned people, it is absolutely the case that it will not benefit me. I need something that is closer to my skin tone that won't make it ashy or conspicuously darker if I want that chic sheer look. I went to the Britex in San Francisco to see if they carried any and they were fresh out of colors that would match my skin tone. In fact, they had considerable trouble getting it back in stock. They suggested that I contact a lingerie company that makes nude colors for people with darker skin. This of course means a call to Nubian Skin, but lo and behold, they have people custom dye their fabric and it is not available to the general public. So I figured: what the hey? I already sew, I already paint, it shouldn't be that hard to dye my own fabric to match my skin tone. In fact: it shouldn't be that hard to make my dress.

So if you are following this blog now, that is in part what you are following: my quest to make my wedding dress (and bridesmaids dresses). You are also following to see a backlog of my Halloween makeup (oops).

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