June 12, 2016

Halloween Update 2008 - 2014

One of my favorite times of year is Halloween. I will go ahead and just show you guys a catalogue of the Halloween costumes that I have made for myself (or my sister in one case). These run from 2008 to 2014. I haven't gotten the pictures edited from this last year's Halloween costume, but I will get it up soon!

Hand sewn costume for my sister. This year I went as Sailor Pluto, but I can't find any of the pictures from the costume that I made.
 I think she made a good Alice even though we didn't add the omega necklace or the blood stains.

I am not sure if I added pictures of this one earlier, but it's here for good measure! I made the belt and the hair bow. A former colleague of mine made the arm warmers.

This was one of the lazier costumes that I made, but I really enjoyed it. I didn't really make anything (possibly glued some feathers onto the top, but that's about it). 


You have all seen the Minnie Mouse costume. I just assembled different pieces together for this one.

In 2012 I had two costumes. One was my planned costume and the other was just something that I threw together because someone at work called a meeting and encouraged people to come in costume (I was the only one in costume). I just went to Good Will and grabbed some things for this one. A friend of mine who is former military personnel was kind enough to lend me his tie.


This is a polka dot dress that I made so that I could go as a pop art version of myself. I had a fun time watching my students realize that I was standing right next to them in the hallway without them even noticing.

I made a bright red trench coat so that I could go as Carmen San Diego in 2014. I had the yellow scarf since 2009 and figured I could put it to good use by mimicking the original CSD outfit.

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