October 20, 2010

Comparison Swatches

Comparison Swatches of Impassioned and Full Fuchsia. I find that these swatches aren't the most telling, but generally, Impassioned is much more coral. Full Fuchsia is a blueish pink. They're very different IRL.


Full Fuchsia

Full Fuchsia and Radiant Jewel

On Style Minx vs. Radiant Jewel:
Style Minx is similar to Radiant Jewel, but it's more of a hot pink and it's more opaque. Radiant Jewel is a bit more transparent, but it's more opaque than your run of the mill Dazzleglass (because it's a Dazzleglass cream). It has a bit more of a reddish/blue-pink tone and the glitter particles in the Dazzleglass are more prominent than in Style Minx.


  1. Topped with the gloss that lipstick is amazing on you!!

  2. Thanks, I'm really excited and I love the micro-pearl. A friend of mine says it looks like Style Minx, but while they're similar, they're definitely not the same.


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