October 21, 2010

A Tartan Tale Teals

Today I went to swap out The Family Crest for Moonlight Night.

Here are some comparison swatches to show that the pigments available in this collection tend to be teal and not straight up green. The Beauties Play It Cool eyeshadow kit has a kelly green in it that reminded me a lot of Urban Decay's Grass. Remember that if you don't have Teal pigment yet, you can get it in one of the lash kits that comes out with this collection. All swatches are over Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Left to Right:
Teal pigment
Moonlight Night wet (LE A Tartan Tale)
Moonlight Night dry (LE A Tartan Tale)
Sassy Grass (LE Dare to Wear)
UD Grass cream shadow



  1. Gorgeous colours, I really love the Teal shade. I'm actually loving greens at the minute (actually did a post on it!) so these shades really appeal to me :)


  2. I saw the post on greens. I like warmer greens too, but today I wanted to focus on some of the cooler ones. Do you have any FOTDs or EOTDs to go with the swatches?
    Teal pigment is a nice color, but it isn't one that I would rush to get unless you don't have a MAC store around.


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