October 24, 2010

Run Ke$ha Run

I will admit it, I am an occasional listener of K-pop. One of my favorite girl groups, Girl's Generation (소녀시대 aka SNSD), was featured in a mashup which I found kind of eerie. Normally when we find a mashup, it seems like a strange coincidence that two different songs overlap so well. Take for instance, the Lady Gaga "Just Dance"/Kat deLuna "Whine it Up" mashup.

But there are other mashups which over lap well because we're really dealing with the same song. I'm not talking about one artist covering another artist's song, I'm talking about a new song being released by two artists around the same time. This is exactly what happened with "Run Devil Run".

Ke$ha actually had made a recording of "Run Devil Run" which sounded quite official. SNSD later released a very similar sounding song. I mean sure, the SNSD lyrics are in Korean and Ke$ha's are in some form of auto-tuned American Engli$h but if we listen to the musical score, there was obviously no one artists covering another. In this case, the song actually belongs to SNSD because SNSD purchased the copyright before Ke$ha did, but Ke$ha had recorded her demo before SNSD bought the copyright as it was originally intended for her album Animal.

So much for Ke$ha's originality I guess.

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