October 11, 2010

Fall Joys: Food Version


Another gratuitous cat photo (she got a new hat over the weekend and I had to share). Zorro and I have something in common: we love a good meal. Over the weekend I made a colorful rendition of a dish that's based off of the Afghan dish Kadu Bouranee (with lamb sans yogurt). The tomato sauce and pumpkin gives a very beautiful fall color pallet and the black rice made it fun enough for Halloween. Not to mention that the flavor of the black rice and basmati played together in a savory medley with the rest of the dish. Try paring this dish with a rich red wine and you're good to go, but it's also great without wine too.


Oh and just because it fits the color scheme, there is a beautiful rose bush that is in bloom which has colors that are apt for fall.

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